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Reinstall the System Restore function Reset computer to factoty settings (system recovery) option #1
To Stop a program from running on startup Reset computer to factoty settings (system recovery) Windows 8 or 10 PC option #2

Turn on Autoplay for CD Drive

Create and format a partition on HD On system properties general tab how I change who the computer registered to
Change Default Location of the My Documents  
Download PCLoginNow (Reset Windows logon passwords)  
12 Unnecessary Vista Features You Can Disable Right Now by: PC World  Or  Click here printer friendly List of 9 (PDF)

Please follow these steps to reinstall the System Restore function.
Go to Start - Run and type regedit then press enter.
Navigate to the following registry Key.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\SystemRestore

In the right pane, right click on each of these Value Keys and select delete.


Close Regedit. Right click on My Computer and select the System Restore tab. A reboot may be necessary.

If the above doesn’t fix the issue, there’s a registry edit at Kelly’s Korner.

These steps, and registry fix are also known to repair the inability to enable System Restore after it has been turned off.

Reset computer to factoty settings (system recovery)
System recovery will put your computer back to factory settings but you will lose any files you had like pictures,
music and word documents.

Each computer manufacturer has a special key you have to hit WHEN YOU POWER ON the computer Here are some
of the keys,

Dell PC F8 or F12

HP and Compaq desktops/towers & Sony use F10 or F11,

Sony Vaio  F10   or  F10 + Alt  or read this ...Enter VAIO Care by pressing the [Assist] Button on your laptop or selecting VAIO Care from the Start menu.
Choose Recovery then
Return your system to the factory image

E Machines and Gateway PC use F11

HP G60-630US Notebook & IBM & Lenovo F11

Toshiba laptop F12   Restore a Toshiba L305

Here is the trick- power the computer off, and then power it back on and start tapping the appropriate key eg F10
until a screen pops up saying "DO YOU WANT TO DO A SYSTEM RESTORE" Once this system restore window opens,
stop tapping and just follow the instructions. Some of the older computers may ask you for the restore discs so
have those ready. Most newer computers do not need restore discs. The whole system restore could take 2 or 3
hours. When done, reboot your computer and it should be all new and speedy again.
List of BIOS access keyboard commands

To Stop a program from running on startup
Click Start, type in msconfig in Run box to open system Configuration dialog box

·          Under General tab Click Selective startup
Click services tab, check hide all Microsoft services and disable all but
IntelProSet/Wireless Service & r antivirus & backup programs

On the startup tab disable all, only check ctfmon (Maybe select your antivirus & backup programs also)  
Apply,  OK
,  and restart       


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  Turn on Autoplay for CD Drive


1.     Click Startthe Start button , type Gpedit.msc in the Start Search box,
and then press ENTER.

User Account Control permission  If prompted for password, type the password, click Allow.

2.     Under Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates,
expand Windows Components, and then click Autoplay Policies.

3.     In the Details pane, double-click Turn off Autoplay.

4.     Click Disabled, Click OK.

5.     Restart the computer.



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